The Story of my Paparazzi Accessories She Shed Boutique

I'm a Paparazzi Consultant and I have a lot of jewelry.  I have way to much inventory and it was taking over my house.  In 2018, I had been a Paparazzi Consultant for 2 years and was Life of the Party Gold, meaning that I had bought over 7,500 pieces of jewelry in a year.  Now since not buying any more jewelry is not an option, I began to think of options for a space for storing all my products.

The first option we considered, was to work out of my garage.  There was enough space, and I could modify it as needed.  However, even though we have somewhat mild weather in Oregon, I would be more expensive to cool in the summer & heat in the winter.  Plus, I park my car in the garage, so there's that.  :-) 

Option #2, was to consider selling our house and purchasing a 4 bedroom, to give me an office space to run my business out of.  While the thought of having a little more space was appealing, we didn't feel that this was the best decision for our family.

Next we considered Option #3, adding on to our house & building another room.  This did give us the added benefit of a larger master bedroom, but we also don't want to be the most expensive house in the neighborhood.  Winter was also around the corner & a project of this magnitude couldn't happen over wintertime.  

I began to think about some type of out building for our back yard.  A type of shed, or something similar, that we could build or have built for a fairly reasonable cost.  I started researching sheds thru Home Depot, Lowes and other companies.  I found a local company called Better Built Barns, here in Oregon.  The have a variety of barns, with different sizes, floor plans & window options.  I could basically have a custom shed built to my preference.  My husband thought this was a great option & we drove out to Better Built Barns to check them out.  

When we arrived, they had several sample barns built with all the options available.  I could choose the windows, style, doors, and size of the shed I wanted to have built.  They would come out to my house & build the whole shed for us!  This sounded like the perfect solution to us!  They gave us a pamphlet with all the costs and options so that I could decide what would work best.  

I started comparing the cost of the Better Built Barns, to the options local stores had available.  After considering the time & building necessary, we decided to go with the extra cost to have Better Built Barns build the shed.   Since we live outside the city limits, we did check with our county ordinances to see if there were any issues. Our county allows an outbuilding in the back yard 200 square feet and under with no permits needed.  So, we decided to go with a 10ft by 20ft size, which would give me the maximum size allowed without permit's.  

I chose the style because I wanted a lot of windows & natural light.  I wanted it to look fairly professional and not like the average storage shed.  Once the base design was chosen, I was able to choose the door & window size to my preference.  

Now, I know the question on everyone's mind is the cost of this shed.  I was able to finance it with a fairly low monthly payment thru a credit union.  I have a 10 year loan on the shed and can pay it off early at any time. The cost of the shed itself without the inside finishes was just over $9k. 

We scheduled the build for Halloween day, 10/31/18. The truck arrived with all my shed parts at about 9:30am and by 6pm, there was a completed shed!!!! 
My backyard before they started.
The building has begun!
The front wall is up.
Side walls with the window and door openings.
Putting the roofing on! 

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