So my Paparazzi Jewelry She Shed is built, now what?

After only 8 hours, the guys from Better Built Barns had made my dream come true.  I had a 20x10 shed in the back yard for my jewelry. Now to finish the inside of it!  I had never done any construction projects or home remodel so this was all a first for me. I'm fortunate to have a very close friend, who is a licensed electrician, so we made a trip to Home Depot & got everything we needed for him to complete the wiring job.  We decided on 6 pot lights in the ceiling and of course my blingy chandelier. I wanted quite a few electrical outlets as well, putting 2 on each of the long walls and one on each shorter wall.  We used rolled insulation to insulate all the walls after everything was wired. 
After the insulation was done, it was time for the drywall. So, back to Home Depot we went! The sheets of drywall we needed were 12 feet long and wouldn't fit in my car.  Since we didn't have a truck at the time, we rented a Uhaul truck to transport the drywall home.  I think the drywall was the most difficult part. It was a huge challenge to cut the drywall into the sizes/shapes. It was difficult to hold the drywall up, especially on the ceiling!  
The mudding and taping of the drywall was another challenge, mostly on the ceiling again.  Since we were working on the shed in November, it took longer to dry because it was cold outside.
Finally, when it was dry, we got to pick out the flooring! I wanted to do a pretty grey, so we went to Home Depot, Lowe's & Lumber Liquidators to shop & price flooring.  I wanted to go with a laminate that was water resistant.  I didn't feel I needed water proof, since I wasn't going to have much out there other than a beverage while I was working.  Waterproof was also more expensive and I was trying to stay within budget.  We went with a very pretty grey flooring from Lumber Liquidators that was a very easy install.  We did put down a water membrane to keep the subfloor from getting wet. My daughter & I were able to lay the flooring down, while my husband & older daughter cut the pieces into the sizes we needed.  
The first pieces of the flooring going down. 
Flooring is all finished!!  It's so pretty!!!!

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